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An affordable, safe and secure way to protect your fishing reels

Yooneek has designed the perfect reel case to protect your favorite fishing reels safe, secure, and organized. You have invested in your favorite fishing reels, and Yooneek has the perfect reel case to protect your favorite tools for your fishing passions. Perfect for traveling to new waters, gear bags, carry-on luggage, and in boat storage. Do not let dirt, grime, or dings hurt the performance of your fishing reels before the big bite starts!

Yooneek’ s Soft Side Reel Case is perfect for protecting the investment you made in fishing reels

Yooneek has designed their soft-sided reel case with angling enthusiasts in mind. This reel case is designed for six fly fishing or baitcasting reels. Six elastic inside pockets hold three reels on each side. A padded center divider to cushion reels is standard, and two inside pockets for storing leaders, lines, and more are readily accessible.

Yooneek’s Soft-Sided Reel Case was created to meet angler’s needs

When you are mobile and fishing is at hand, Yooneek’ s Soft-sided Reel Case is a perfect choice. Steve Quinn, a 30-year Editor with In-Fisherman Magazine, loves it! “Since I frequently travel to distant fishing locations, I’ve tried a number of cases built to protect reels during trips. Some have been bulky, heavy, or stiff. So, I was extremely pleased when I brought the Yooneek Reel Case on a recent trip to Mexico. It carried six reels and kept them from damage, and was easy to access. It is soft-sided but well padded for protection, and the zipper is super smooth. Great new product!”

Yooneek’s New Soft – Sided Reel Case An affordable, safe and secure way to protect your fishing reels. Go Fishing with Yooneek!


Yooneek’s Soft Side Reel Case is constructed of 3mm Neoprene and is latex-free. The weather-resistant neoprene withstands extreme temperatures and provides outstanding physical toughness to protect your reels. The reel case’s entire length has a full 22-inch non-waterproof zipper with two pull tabs for easy access to your reels and small items. Plus, a one-inch web handle that is four inches long enables you to attach the reel case to a belt or backpack for ease of use. Yooneek’s Soft Sided Reel Case is 12” long, 3 3/8″ in width, and is 5 “in height, which provides ample space for your reels.

Go Fishing with Yooneek!

A Great Reel Case that Protects your Gear without Breaking your Budget

Regardless of your fishing interest, protecting your gear is important. Tom Ski, Professional Fly-Fishing Guide in Montana, stated, “As a Montana fly fishing guide for over 16 years, I have found the Yooneek Reel Case to be a great asset to my gear bag.  It allows me to keep three reels and an extra spool for each, enabling me to switch lines quickly for clients to meet the demands of a day on the river guiding.  Another greatly added benefit is the two internal pockets. One for extra leaders and a place for the Yooneek Fingerless Gloves I use rowing the Drift Boat for sun and blister protection.”

Plus, if you travel or fish for many different species over the course of the year, Yooneek’s Soft Side Reel case fits the bill. Darren Shepard, Editor of www.SportsmansLifesytle.com, stated, ” From carrying fly reels and ultra-light spinning reels in the mountains for rainbows to storing a few baitcasting reels on my boat for bass and traveling to the inshore shallows to take on redfish, I know my investment in my gear is protected with Yooneek’s Soft-sided reel case. It does a great job and, for a small investment, protects my gear perfectly!”

Yooneek’s Soft-Sided Reel Case is perfect for all anglers and is a great way to start gearing up for the season. Makes a great gift too!

Check out Yooneek’s Soft-sided Reel Case today! Perfect for any angler, regardless of what type of fishing you may do, and can be found exclusively at Amazon. Explore all of Yooneek’s diverse products at www.yooneek products.com. Join their FacebookInstagram accounts today and keep up with the latest news, information, and great products that will make you Yooneek too!

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