Houston’s Corridor of Cruelty – The Hell for Animals

by Denise Carey-Costa

Dog abandonment, cruelty and dog fighting are all too common in the Houston, Texas area. One particularly bad area in northeast Houston is known as the “Corridor of Cruelty.” This area is near a Home Depot on US-59 and Little York. The Corridor of Cruelty is basically a dumping ground for live and dead animals.

The most recent victim, a six-month-old black and white pit bull puppy was stabbed to death.  She was found still alive on March 25.  Whoever stabbed the dog also shaved her abdomen and attempted to disembowel her. She died from her injuries before ever making it to the vet.  When found, she was a wearing a black and white collar with skulls on it.

There was no name on the collar, and she so was given the name “Ruth” by the rescuer who found her. According to a recent news story on Fox26 Houston, the puppy was found among mounds of trash in a vacant lot by known dog rescuer Janell Mitchell.

Although stabbed multiple times and buried under trash, the puppy was still alive when Mitchell got to her. Ruth looked up at Mitchell until she took her last breath five minutes later. This is a clear-cut case of severe animal torture. The Houston Police Department’s Major Offenders Animal Cruelty Unit is investigating the puppy’s death.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call 713-308-3100.

Read the full story on Pet Rescue Report.

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