First-time boat owner wins Carolina Skiff from conservation tournament




First-time boat owner wins Carolina Skiff from conservation tournament

by Craig Lamb

A Florida angler is the proud new owner of a Carolina Skiff 16 JVX SC powered by Yamaha after winning the skiff at the CCA Florida STAR Tournament. Randy Perez of New Port Richey won the 1st Place Prize Drawing in the Carolina Skiff Sheepshead Division.


Winning the boat was perfect timing for Perez.


“My wife and I were planning to buy a boat next spring,” he said Perez. “I haven’t yet taken it out but have sat in the boat every night after work.”

Perez, an avid kayaker until now, lives only five minutes from the water.

“It’s the perfect size boat for us since we fish inshore flats,” he added. “We are really excited because it’s more than what we expected from just looking over the boat in the garage.”

STAR, which stands for State-wide Tournament Anglers Rodeo, is a seasonal contest that originated in Louisiana and Texas. Florida was added last year. This year’s tournament ran from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Members of the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) are eligible to participate.


Participants have the chance to win trucks, boats and fishing tackle valued at more than $500,000. The object is catching one of 80 tagged redfish or saltwater game fish in the inshore and offshore divisions. Winners use an official measuring device and submit catch information with digital photography for scoring purposes. Participants are eligible for the drawings.

The real winner is the conservation effort spearheaded by the CCA. Through a partnership with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the state is rearing redfish for tagging and eventual release in state waters. Each fish caught will help further the science of fisheries management and conservation, with the hopes of ultimately improving future hatchery efforts.

Perez joins a fraternity of Carolina Skiff owners loyal to a brand with more than 30 years of making the best skiff on the market.

The JVX Series is part of that legacy. With lightweight hulls, the series is designed to easily access shallow estuaries, creeks, and marshes with ease. On a trailer, the skiff can be launched without hassle, in short, shallow back country boat ramps.


Quick hole shots to power the skiff

You don’t hear much about performance and handling in a skiff beyond the basics. That’s not so with the JVX. Patented splash guards keep passengers dry with positive tracking keels that enhance handling and maneuvering.

For peace of mind, all Carolina Skiffs have upright and positive floatation that exceeds requirements by the U.S. Coast Guard. That means a virtually unsinkable boat for peace of mind.


Check out the entire line of Carolina Skiff models at You can find a dealer, learn more about the brand legacy, and build a boat on the website. You can also contact Carolina Skiff and request a catalog. Join the community of Carolina Skiff followers at the Carolina Skiff Facebook Page




Original Source:  Sportsmans 

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