Dog Killed Just hours After Leaving Shelter in Garland County

Recently, a public protest was held in front of the Orange County Animal Shelter in California protesting the nationwide “Clear the Shelter” event. It was due to a shelter clearing event that a dog named Valerie/Cargo met her demise just weeks after she was adopted from. Her emaciated, tortured, near dead body was found on the streets of Los Angeles.

Now another case, like Valerie’s is also being addressed. A dog named Titan, who was chipped and adopted from Garland County Animal Services in Texas on May 25, 2018 was found shot to death the very next day. Tragically, when he was found, he was still wearing the lead from the shelter around his neck. It was determined he was killed sometime between 3:00 a.m. and noon on May 26, 2018 and had been shot three times.

Titan’s dead body was found on Dowdy Ferry Road by a group known as Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission. There is a degree of mystery and notoriety surrounding Dowdy Ferry Road in southeast Dallas, Texas. In the last three years they have found over 400 dead animals on that road, including Titan.

Jeremy Boss, founder of the Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission and his team, are out there every day and have cameras set up trying to catch the person(s) who is killing all these animals and dumping them there. When Jeremy found Titan’s body, they called 311 and were told that someone would come out and collect the dog within 24 hours. Unfortunately, that action would not initiate an investigation, so he called 911 as well. The Dallas police assigned the case to the local SPCA.

Jeremy and his crew went to Garland County Animal Services to try to find clues as to who adopted Titan. There were signs posted saying the adoption area was under camera surveillance. Apparently, the cameras weren’t working so they didn’t get a picture of the person who adopted Titan. Another twist in the case is, whoever adopted Titan called the chip company and immediately changed all the information to a fake name and address. The only thing the shelter had to go on was a driver’s license. It too, may have been fake.

There are some questions and concerns as to why a felony criminal offense would be outsourced by the Dallas Police Department to a private organization like the SPCA.  The SPCA is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, so it is not known how many complaints they’ve received; how many they’ve investigated and how many they’ve prosecuted. Because of this, there is no idea how much animal abuse is occurring in Dallas, Texas. Also, since the SPCA is a private organization, they do not have to answer to anyone within the local government and no one to answer to as to why an arrest has not been made.

If the Dallas PD had taken Titan’s case, it may have led them to Titan’s killer, and that person may also be responsible for other acts of violence. Because of this, many people are advocating for the implementation of an Animal Cruelty Investigative Unit to the Dallas PD. It would be the first of its kind.

There are many varying opinions on what may have happened to Titan. Some think anti pit bull groups may be to blame; adopting pits and then killing them as some twisted way to annihilate the breed. There are many such hate groups on Facebook who encourage the destruction of pit bulls. Other people think it may be dog fighters, who after getting Titan realized he would not serve their purpose and therefore killed him. Whatever person(s) did this, they must be caught and held accountable for such a cruel and calculated act of adopting a dog from a shelter for the sheer purpose of killing it.

Imagine this situation through Titan’s eyes. The joy he felt leaving the shelter, thinking he was finally on the way to his forever home and that joy soon turning to fear and horror when he realized he was going to be killed. There has to be a better way of protecting shelter pets and keeping them out of the hands of abusers. Many shelters claim they do not have the resources to do thorough background checks on adopters, but too many animals are handed over willingly to dangerous persons. Something has to change.

There is a Facebook page to honor Titan’s memory:

And two active petitions seeking justice for Titan:

According to the SPCA there is an active animal cruelty case to find Titan’s killers, but they are not able to release much information due to it being an ongoing investigation. No details will be released until the investigation is complete.

– First published in Pet Rescue Report

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