2018 Off to a Winning Start for mazu


2018 Off to a Winning Start for mazu

By Ted Lund


The winning never stops for the innovative team at mazu-marine, manufacturers of advanced satellite communications equipment for yachtsmen, sport fishermen, and sailors. mazu recently won two major awards for their new mSeries system and mazu iPad app.mazu wins Pittman Award 2018

mazu marine was honored with SAIL magazine’s 2018 Freeman K. Pittman Innovation Award for Electronics, for their new, compact, and affordable mSeries satellite communications system. Pittman winners are decided by a panel of expert marine journalists, who recognized the unique attributes of the mazu app and how the system provides essential cruising functions and communications to boaters traveling offshore.


At the Newport International Boat Show in September 2017 the mazu iPad app and mSeries system won “Best New Electronics Product” in the Newport for New ProductsTM  (NFNP) Program. Industry experts judge entries based on innovation, value, safety, and aesthetics. Winners are chosen from the latest marine products, boats and services launched during the year, and then announced at the boat show Industry Awards/Press breakfast. In its twelfth year, The NFNP program is promoted in partnership with leading national marine publications; Cruising World, Sailing World, and Yachting, to publicize what is new and exciting for boaters. (https://www.cruisingworld.com/newport-for-new-products-winners-2017)

The award-winning design of mazu provides cruisers and fishermen that voyage outside of cellular and WiFi coverage the ability to stay connected easily and affordably. The mSeries offers worldwide coverage, the benefits of real-time weather, Email and SMS technology, navigation features, and optional vessel monitoring.

The mSeries system sells for $995 and includes easy to install hardware boaters use to communicate via satellite. Any device with a browser can connect to the system on board including all types of smartphones, Android tablets, PC’s and Macs, but the browser interface is limited. The most advanced and best way to use mazu is the award-winning iPad app. (iPad not included.) The mazu app also allows boaters to use all mazu features when connected to cellular or other wireless networks which avoids satellite airtime charges at the dock or near shore.


Global Coverage

The mazu system uses the Iridium global satellite network to keep boaters connected no matter where they cruise or fish. Those aboard, and friends and family at home, will enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the mSeries SOS system is monitored by search and rescue emergency responders 24/7 365 days per year.


The feature-packed weather functions show comprehensive, up-to-date forecasts ideal for planning the perfect window for an open-ocean crossing or avoiding rapidly approaching storm systems. mSeries owners have access to 7-day GRIB and point forecasts, live buoy data, and zone weather forecasts. NEXRAD imagery, weather alerts, and tropical storm advisories can be accessed from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) where available.

SMS and Email

Thanks to mazu’s innovative new technology boaters never have to lose touch with friends and family no matter how remote their travels take them. Email and SMS texts can be sent and received anywhere in the world and position reports can be set up to send automatically.


To benefit from the full range of powerful features, boaters will want to utilize the mazu iPad app. Mazu for iPad now allows access to Navionics and NOAA charts, as well as the ability to create, edit, import, and export routes, convert tracks to routes, and access real-time and NMEA navigation information

Boat Monitoring and Control

An optional Sentry Kit $249.99, includes an adapter cable, float switch, magnetic contacts, tactile sensor, and shore power sensor. Sentry allows boaters to monitor and control functions on board via satellite anywhere in the world. Remote monitoring of shore power status, high-water levels, and the ability to control lights, air conditioning units, refrigerators security alarms and more are all available using the Sentry system.

A Connection Plan for Every Need

A variety of affordable monthly connection plans are available, each with a wide range of features. Rates are from $39.99 to $99.99/month and can be adjusted to meet boaters needs. Yearly contracts are not required so boaters can change plans depending on their location and cruising schedule. For only $9.95/month a convenient Dry Dock plan allows access to the boat’s email account on shore but puts satellite data use on hold. Owners using the optional Sentry system purchase a separate plan ($10/month for active customers or $24.95 without an active plan) both include 5,000 bytes of data.

A Serious Plan for Serious Fishermen

For diehard bluewater fishermen, the Sport Fishing package includes 10 point forecasts, 100 SMS/Fleet chat messages, 100 position reports and 50,000 bytes of data and costs $99.99/month. This package is designed to be used with the mazu Sport Fishing iPad app which costs $129.99 at the app store. (Check a West Marine store near you for special offers when buying the mSeries hardware.) mazu Sport Fishing provides easy access to critical fishing data like sea surface temperature (SST), and chlorophyll reports, all with the ability to overlay the information on navigational charts within mazu. The Sport Fishing app also includes mazu-chat which facilitates vessel to vessel communications when boats are team fishing or in groups.

Anglers using the mazu Sport Fishing app can download information at home without using their satellite plan. Pre-planning fishing trips helps save time, money, and fuel by getting to the fish faster. Once underway forecasts and fishing data can be updated anywhere in the world.

mazu Sportfishing https://www.mazu-marine.com/sportfishing/

mazu is a powerful, affordable, and easy to use satellite data communications system for any boater that cruises or fishes offshore. www.mazu-marine.com


Original Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle.com


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